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Attendees: Jeff, Alisa, Sam, Geoff, Taylor, Trisha, Ingeborg, William, Mike,

Apologies: Steve



  • Sam - Looking to finalise the paper in the next few weeks
  • Paper due may 4th
  • Sam waiting to hear back on the page limit
  • Presentation slides due May 18th
  • Looking to present that paper at the EU Connect
    • Sam/Geoff to submit the abstract by the 20th April
  • Ideas for US Connect 2019
    • Expand our pilot
    • Test out on a real study as part of our pilot
  • Feedback to the BRNR
    • Geoff - put together some proposals for the connectaothon, the feedback was that there was not enough examples
  • Looking forward - what we would like to work on?
  • Geoff and Jeff to review the paper within the next two weeks
  • CDASH - Have the mapping available with the Metadata rather than a stand along document
    • They do not want to put it into the CDASH Metadata due to maintenance
    • CDASH extension
  • Should we be created an implementation guide that goes with FHIR?
    • This is something the team can work on
    • FHIR implementation guide registry on the foundation site
    • FHIR IG guide
    • Taylor - Providers are more interested in FHIR and HL-7 Guides
      • Is this something CDISC will reference?


  • Sam to send the draft version to the team on the 17th to review on the 18th April meeting
  • To discuss at next meeting - Volunteers to create an implementation guide