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Attendees: Trisha, Regina, Dave Iberson-Hurst, Sam, Bhargava, Wendy, Jeff, Brook, Alisa

Review Regina’s paper outline and make assignments 1) Introduction a) Discuss purpose/objectives of project b) Provide descriptions for: i) Synthea database ii) CDISC Diabetic TAUG iii) FHIR

Update: Does anything else need to be added.? Should describe patient population and goals. Include why doing this project under 1.a etc etc. Action: Regina / Sam happy to work on drafting the introduction. Brook also happy to support.

2) Methods a) Present selection criteria Synthea (consider diabetic orphan drug population) b) Description of the data included c) Annotations with CRF examples (Annotated CRF volunteers – the CDASH/SDTM portions can be annotated now) d) Explain mapping of Synthea data to CDASH/SDTM

Update: We could map the data from electronic health records to SDTM but isn't a CRF concept. We could use ODM to repent CDASH / SDTM. Show fields in HL7 database. Use a stylesheet to generate CRF similarity. Anything else required in the methods section? Where is FHIR captured? This is within section 1 (introduction). What would FHIR be used for? Should add more specifics under methods re FHIR. This paper may be shared with HL7 community so would need to include Synthea and SDTM data. Action: Geoff / Sam can help with annotations and ODM

3) Results/Findings

Update: TBD

4) Discussion a) Potential applications of methods and data b) Challenges and of the data obtained for use in clinical trials 5) Conclusions Update: Should be as a group discussion

Action: Regina / Brook can start to populate.

Determine the scope for data download (i.e., which patients will we include?)

Update: Approx 10 patients (must have diabetes).

(Chan & David will work on the Synthea download. They aren’t available for our call today.) Look at TAUG domains/data points & compare to FHIR resource list to make a "best guess" (albeit a blinded best guess) as the where the data are stored in Synthea Assign individual FHIR resources to future FHIR resource SMEs (you’ll become a FHIR SME after you learn everything about your FHIR resource)


Action: Regina to send Trisha DCIX information

Action: Chrissy & Trisha due to meet 4th May to review timelines and will then share with the team.

Action: Chan from Triangle will support the Technical Part of the document

Action: Trish to send Resource Index Link. All to choose an option to work on.