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Attendees: Sam, Jeff, Terek, Nick, Mike

Apologies: Trisha


Review of paper

  • Review Mike's comments
    • Esource and Consent
    • Have one time use key to retrieve the information and bring it back to another system
    • There is never going to be a one size fits all
    • Look at some of the work Jean-Marc is doing with the de-identification data project

  • GDPR
    • Trisha to send comments on GDPR
    • Would a different type of security be needed


  • If we could take some of these generic concerns and address them in a profile that would meet the broad needs and within a study constrain what we send through the EDC system

Esource and Consent

  • If the EHR data goes through multiple systems to get to its final destination what are the implications of that
    • This is something we can look at
  • Tollgate should be AI driven where it knows who's requesting what and where it's going to go
  • Work on the Mappings could be a new project (ETC group within CDISC is working on mapping)

Ideas for next paper

  • Hurdle of content and security will have to be assessed at some point
  • Terek - Sat in on share workshop as we start thinking about mapping are linking these two using python the next step? and showing examples of how you pull the two sets down to being processing
    • Sam - There are a number of open source clients within FHIR


  • Terek to review the paper and send comments