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Attendees: Chris, Jeff, Sam, Krishna, Regina
Apologies: Trisha

  • Update on the 150 word abstract for PhUSE
  • Agreed to use Safety signals
  • Have the 150 words as an abstract (Sam to send next week)
  • Set up a detailed timeline
  • Call for papers closes December 1st
  • Share the abstract next meeting for the team to review
  • Fall under Trends and Technologies or Data Standards & Governance Stream? - Team to discuss at next meeting
  • Jeff,Krishna and colleague will be looking to lead the terminology mapping project but would like to have a summary from Geoff Low to discuss any issues on FHIR if possible


  • Lauren send out agenda to team
  • Krishna to put abstract together for the next meeting and send to Lauren by Tuesday
  • Lauren to send abstract out to team before Thursdays call
  • Trisha and Chris to archive old papers on Teamwork
  • Cancel November 15th meeting
  • Lauren to send out the agenda and ask team what stream the paper should fall under
  • Sam to send abstract to be reviewed by team