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Project Overview

The most popular buzz word nowadays in the technology world is 'Machine Learning' (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Most economists and business experts foresee ML & AI changing every aspect of our lives in the next 10 years through automating and optimizing processes such as self-driving vehicles, online recommendations on Netflix and Amazon, fraud detection in banks, image and video recognition, natural language processing, question answering machines (e.g., IBM Watson) and many more. ML is a game changer and it will also impact the pharmaceutical industry greatly; diagnosis in medical imaging, analysing the deluge of healthcare data, drug discovery, robotic surgery and personalised medicine for example.

This project will explore its application to the pharmaceutical industry. Our goal is first to introduce ML & AI to the pharmaceutical industry. ML & AI are foreign to most programmers and statisticians in the pharmaceutical industry. This project will help them to start ML & AI educations materials. Secondly we will explore how ML & AI can foster innovative approaches in data-driven research and drug development, personalised medicines, faster drug discovery and many more.

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Nicolas Dupuis Project Lead d-Wise
Kevin Lee Project Lead Clindata Insight
Wendy Dobson PhUSE Project Manager PhUSE

Project Members

Julia Popova Participant Novartis
Amit Jain Participant Iconplc
Karl Brand Participant Bayer
Vishnu Kollisetti Participant PPDI
Karnika Dalal Participant Bayer
Prasanna Murugesan Participant Independent
Paul Slagle Participant Inventiv Health
Kathryn Matto Participant IBM
Tania Walton Participant Independent
Keval Khinchadia Participant Independent
Mina Chen Participant Roche
Vishnu Alamuri Participant Independent
Michael Upshall Participant Unsilo
Mikael Flensborg Participant Unsilo
Russ Lavery Participant Verizon
Shaaz Ansari Participant Gene
Gary Chen Participant Pfizer
Jiangtang Hu Participant d-wise

Project Updates

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Objectives and Timelines

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Objective Timeline
Gather Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence education materials 01.Jun.2018
White Paper on Machine Learning & Artificial Implementation on Pharmaceutical Industry 12.Dec.2018

Project Activities

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Meeting Minutes

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