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Project Overview

Methodologies and technologies utilized in the clinical development process have been largely unchanged since 2005. Externally, there have been immense advancements in technology and mindsets related to working with data that have had little impact in our industry. This Working Group sees this as a risk. The risks breakdown into 3 categories:

1) There is a risk of advancement happening outside of our domain that may expose us to threats that we are unable to protect ourselves against.

2) There is a risk that our skill sets and capabilities become outdated and external forces strongly influence the Industry without us having a say

3) There is a risk that we are missing opportunities to become more efficient and to use these advancements to deliver better value for patients

The goal of this Working Group is to develop frameworks by which to educate the PhUSE community at large. The frameworks will be designed to educate the community on the importance of topics where we feel we have gaps, the details of the topics themselves, and how they can be used to drive innovation in the industry.

We have now established 3 sub teams:

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Design Thinking

Data Engineering

Project Leads

Ian Fleming Working Group Lead Medidata
James McDermott Working Group Lead Ab Tartarus
Wendy Dobson Project Co-ordinator PhUSE

Project Participants

Name Role Organisation Email
Amy Gillespie Participant Merck
Dirk Spruck Participant Clinipace
Kevin Kyosun Lee Participant Industry
Adrienne_Bonwick Participant Eisai
Chris Price Participant Roche
Paul Schuette Participant FDA
Paul Slagle Participant Inventivhealth
Crystal Allard Participant FDA
David Pressley Participant Clear Creek Analytics
Simon Walsh Participant Novartis
Josephine Fong Participant Genentech
Jacques Lanoue Participant Novartis
Jen Nash Participant Prothena
Vijay Pasapula Participant Gilead
Janette Garner Participant Gilead
Regina Zopf Participant FDA
Amanda Demontjoie Participant Assero
Nicolas Dupuis Particant Novartis
Dante Di Tommaso Participant Novartis
Guy Garrett Participant Achieve Intelligence
Kris Lauwers Participant JNJ
Scott Bahlavooni Participant d-Wise
Julia Popova Participant Novartis
Amit Jain Participant Iconplc
Jagdev Bhogal Participant BCU
Sascha Ahrweiler Participant Bayer
Karl Brand Participant Bayer
Vishnu Kollisetti Participant PPDI
Vince Marinelli Participant Medidata
Karnika Dalal Participant Bayer
Prasanna Murugesan Participant Independent
Mike Carniello Participant Astellas
Paul Slagle Participant Inventiv Health
Alisa Khomyanina Participant IBM
Steve Wilson Participant FDA
Caitlin Anderson Participant IBM
Josephine Fong Participant Gene
Kathryn Matto Participant IBM
Mark Bynens Participant JNJ
Tania Walton Participant Independent
Beate Hientzsch Participant HMS
Shaaz Ansari Participant Gene

Working Group Updates

Presentation - All Team Meeting 11.12.17
Presentation - All Team Meeting 16.01.18

Objectives and Timelines

List proposed project deliverables and timelines.

Objective Timeline
Selection of Repository Q22018
Logistics and Communications Q22018
Position Paper TBD

Project Activities

This section can document project activities or serve as a jumping off point to other pages in the project.

Project Minutes

All Team Meeting 11.12.17

Archived Content